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Saturday, January 18, 2020

A Missionary's Corner



Gypsies, Con-Men, Beggars – Ask any Central Asian about the Luli people, and they will turn aside, spit, and call the Luli worthless, but we know that God thinks otherwise.


God Initates, We Participate


When God determines to move, he calls us to pray. This has been the clear pattern with the Luli people of Central Asia.  The number of Central Asian Christians has steadily grown in the former Soviet Union over the last 25 years.  But the Luli have remained largely unseen and unengaged with the gospel. Wanderers and professional beggars, the Luli are the lowest people on the social ladder in the primarily Muslim countries of Central Asia. Unwelcome and mostly ignored, they move north in the spring and return to the warmer climate of home in the late fall.


In early 2017, as part of a regional prayer effort, IMB workers in Central Asia began lifting up the Luli, asking God to begin a work among them. In November of 2017, a Luli family showed up on the doorstep of some of those workers. God clearly opened a door for the gospel to impact the Luli and their community. In the early summer of 2018, a Central Asian pastor who had previously believed that the Luli were unreachable con artists shared the gospel with two Luli families. They embraced the good news of Jesus with joy. 


(September 2019, PRAYER POINTS . . . A Praying People Impacting a Lost World, Used by permission from the International Mission Board, SBC).