Elkin Baptist Association
Friday, January 22, 2021




2020 “Drive-Thru” Toy Store

December 11, 9:00 AM—5:00 PM and

December 12, 9:00 AM—3:00 PM


Clients will be driving to the back of the building to receive the bags of toys for their children.  They will not be leaving their vehicle at any time.  Someone will be presenting the gospel when they arrive and tracks will be put inside the bag of toys. 


All workers and volunteers will be asked to wear gloves and masks

at all times. 


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































September 5-6—Women’s Prayer and Evangelism Retreat, Ridgecrest Conference Center
October 30—Fall Session of the Elkin Association
at Poplar Springs Baptist Church, 4:30 pm
December 3-6—2014 Toy Store