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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

EBA Ministries


What Is A Toy Store?

A store where parents who can’t afford to buy toys for their children for Christmas get NEW toys. Then counseling is provided to find out if there are other needs: clothes, food, etc. Always, the plan of salvation in Christ is shared.

Where do these parents or grandparents come from?

Where do the NEW toys come from?

How do the needy parents know they can shop?

How Is The Toy Store Set Up?

Tables are set up around the wall of a room. Each table represents an age range such as: Birth to Two Year Olds or 8 –10 Year Old Boys or Teens.

How do they know how many toys they can choose?

How many volunteers will work in a Toy Store?

Who in the association of churches is involved?

Bringing Gifts To Christ


The Lord Jesus Christ tells us when you have "done it unto one of the least of these, you have done it unto me." Matthew 25:39


Each new toy given for the toy store brings an opportunity to help a hurting child and hurting parents. But more importantly, this is a way to have a direct opportunity to share Christ’s gospel. When you give a new toy, you have given to "the least of these" and to the Lord.

Anyone who wants to be. There is a place for everyone.
There are volunteers to receive and mark toys, volunteers making parents feel welcome, volunteers to help shop, and counselors. It will take approximately 150 volunteers.
As toys are given, each one is marked ten cents on the dollar. The ten cents is for self-esteem for the parents. Each parent is told they can spend approximately $2.50 to $4.50 for each child. If the needy parents can’t afford even $2.50, etc., they get a "shop free" card. It is not money; it is self-esteem and salvation.
They are sent letters of invitation. They must reply to get a date and time to shop.
The toys are given by the 20 churches of Elkin Baptist Association and those in the community who want to help.
They are referred to the store by church members, pastors, community leaders, home health nurses, school counselors and teachers, and agencies such as Tri-C Ministries. All parents come to us by referral.